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Camp Logistics

Itinerary structure for the day of the clinic – training times, lunch break, … :
· Why does my child only train with the coaches for a certain period of time?

The Real Madrid Foundation training methodology combines sport (80%) and education on values (20%). With each clinic being a co-branded initiative between the Real Madrid Foundation and the host clubs, participants will focus on the intensity of the sport and tactical education practices split between Real Madrid Foundation and host club instruction.

· What activities will my child be doing with the host club?

Host clubs will continue to instill soccer-related drills/activities to enhance participant skill level. Specific drills will be upon the discretion of the host club assistants.

· Are there water fill-up stations at the facility?

Host clubs do plan on providing water stations for clinic participants, however we strongly encourage each participant to bring their own water as well to combat the summer heat.

· Does my child need to bring lunch or is lunch provided?

Lunch will not be provided by the clinic.

· Concession stand – (if there is one) will it be open?

This question is subject to the particular host club, for clinic amenities will differ depending on clinic location.

Weather/Missing days of camp:
· Is there a shaded area?

The amount of shade will be subject to the host club facility and geographical factors of each clinic location, but we plan on doing our best to create shaded areas.

· In the event of bad weather is there an indoor sheltered facility to keep players inside?

Whether an indoor facility is present will differ from location to location. However, each host club will be aware of any potential inclement weather patterns and will have a procedure to take shelter if such factors arise throughout the clinic.

· In the event of bad weather will the clinic be cancelled?

If inclement weather such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornados, etc make themselves present, then clinics will be subject to cancellation.

· Do I get a refund?

Clinics are nonrefundable.

· Will I get a refund on the days my child misses?

Refunds will not be granted for absent days.

· If my child misses the last day is there a way he/she can collect his/her diploma?

This question is to be directed to the particular host club of the clinic. For how unclaimed clinic diplomas are handled differ from each host club.

Drop-off/Pick Up:
· The camp ends before I am able to collect my child as I work, is there an “after-care” option for my child if he/she needs to stay behind for a few hours?

We will not be providing any sort of “after-care” options to the clinic.

· Is there a “before-care” option where I can drop my child off before the start of the camp?

We will not be providing any sort of “before-care” options to the clinic

· Is there transportation to and from the camp at all?

We will not be providing clinic transportation.

Coaches training the players:
· Are they from Real Madrid?

All Real Madrid Foundation coaches have been sent from Madrid and selected by the Technical Director of the Real Madrid Academy.

· Are Real Madrid players going to be there?

Unfortunately there will not be any Real Madrid first team players present at the clinics.

· Are any scouts/trainers going to be there?

Scouts will not be present at any RMF clinic. As for trainers, other than provided coaches from the RMF and host club, there will not be any other trainers present.

· Is there goalkeeper training provided?

Keepers will be incorporated throughout the clinic when needed for particular drills or matches, however, there will not be any isolated/keeper-specific training.

· Is there one-on-one training as an extra?

There will not be any one-on-one options.


· What is it?

The registration fee in all programs is to include one kit (comprising a jersey, shorts and socks) per participant. The kit should always be white.

· When will my child receive his uniform?

Uniforms will be given out on the first day of the clinic.

· How many pairs of socks will my child get?

Each participant will receive one pair of white adidas socks to go with their kit. If an additional pair of socks are needed, we ask that either white adidas-branded socks, or white non-branded (generic) socks are to be worn if the supplied adidas socks need to be kept at home to wash during any point of the clinic.

· Does my child have to wear this every day?

Yes, provided RMF kits are to be worn throughout the week.

· My child has a Real Madrid uniform, can this be worn?

The Real Madrid Foundation asks that all participants wear the kits that will be provided to them. They are strikingly similar to the Real Madrid home kit.

· My child is a Barcelona (Chelsea, United, …) fan, can he/she wear a team jersey?

The Real Madrid Foundation asks that all participants wear the kits that will be provided to them.

Still have questions? Email us on at info@rmfclinicsusa.com

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